Important Info for Sun March 26th and Sunday April 2nd

Hey Hospitality Team Members, Here is some important information you should be aware of (as people will hopefully ask you about it) for this Sunday March 26th. Thanks for serving.

Also if you are scheduled for Guest Services, Next Steps or Finance, and you don't feel confident you would know how to help someone sign up, PLEASE talk to your department leader as soon as possible. If anyone has any questions regarding any of this information, please feel free to comment below and we can discuss.

  • Forge Men's Event - Mancake Breakfast. April 1 - Saturday $25 830-12pm. Ages 14+. Bryce Birmingham from Red Deer as a guest speaker.
  • Baptism - April 2 1230 Service. Sign up online or at next steps table.
  • Team Training - April 6 Directors should be contacting their team to explain/direct how that night will look. RSVP for childcare on the app, website or at guest services.
  • Connect Group Semester Starts. April 9 - Check out the connect tab on the website and fill out a form for further info or see guest services/next steps table.
  • Good Friday Encounter Service, April 14th, 11am @ Gateway Church in Leduc. RSVP for childcare (free) on the church website (under events) or the app (under events).
  • Merge Event - April 21 & 22 - Catered to women; linking faith, career & business. $80 until March 31 & $100 after. Registration for Friday or Saturday alone is an option. Also, can register/pay on Eventbrite.

That's all for this coming Sunday and next.


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New Features

We are excited to have a fresh new Elvanto release to be able to showcase on your Member Area top menu. Some of the new areas for you to explore are Volunteer Preferences, Groups, a link to our City Life website, and an ever evolving 'Elvanto Volunteer Training Manual'. 


As a reminder, if you have questions, concerns or need support with the Elvanto system, we have access to their awesome HELP CHAT feature (usually available between 2pm and 11pm MT). Simply click on your name in the right hand corner and then select HELP on the dropdown menu. If you would prefer to email, you can email and we would ask that you also include as well so that we can be aware of in house questions related to our City Life Elvanto account.

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